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 Intensive by appointment and 

 note from Alex Kramer 

Get knowledge, not information.
We know from our own experience how to make musical projects at a professional level, and we are ready to share this experience.
Therefore, we invite you to the author's course from Alex Kramer - the chief sound engineer at Louder Studio, whose clie nts include Boombox, Jah Khalib, Dan Balan and many others.

For novice sound engineers, the course will help save a lot of time at the start and lay the right foundation, and those who are already in the profession will be able to find answers to all the accumulated questions and systematize knowledge.

 Course format:Offline 

 When: September 19-20 

 Where: Louder Hub, Odessa, Heavenly Hundred Avenue 4D 

 Duration:2 days, 8 hours 

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About the curator:

Alex Kramer

Sound Engineer With 15 years of experience. He worked for such studios as Istok, Hansa Studios, Na Hati Records and Zranku until the night.

Clients: Dan Balan, Jah Khalib, Boombox, MARUV, Jamala, Wavewalkrs, Pianoboy, David Fingers Hayness, Scriabin, AVIATOR and many others.


The author's course already has more than 50 graduates,

whose reviews can be found here



















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Small group

We don't broadcast - we teach.

The course group consists of 7 people, which will allow you to devote enough time to everyone and answer all questions

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The opportunity to become studio assistant

At the end of the course, the student has a chance to become an assistant sound engineer at Louder Studio and apply the knowledge gained in real work conditions

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Become a part


The end of the intensive is just the beginning. After completing the course, a chat will be created for graduates. Meet new people in the industry, keep in touch and become part of a big musical family!

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Personal assistance

Each student has the opportunity to receive personal advice from the curator on his project within a month after the end of the course

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Course program:


Preparing your drum kit and bass for recording

- Tuning drums.

- The choice of both microphones and their location.

- Pros and cons of using bass guitar

amplifier when recording.

Drum and bass recording.

- The subtleties of working with preamps.

Pros and cons of clipping .

- Compression and qualification at

accumulation, pros and cons.

- Tuning, signal phasing

phase with flip and time adjuster.




Guitar recording.

- Preparing instruments for recording.

- The choice of amplifiers.

- Selection of microphones and recording techniques

- Recording.


Vocal recording.

-Selection of microphones,

directions of their work.

- Selection of preamp.

- Using compression when recording.

- Subtleties and features of compressor settings.



- Preparation of material for mixing

- Project / console setup.

- Creation of templates.

- The concept of major and minor

mix elements.

- Primary balance as reliable

foundation of subsequent decisions.

- Mixing "into the compressor", pros and cons.

- Panning and width.

- Macrodynamics.


- Microdynamics.


- Spatial effects and mix depth.


- Problematic multitracks and how to deal with it.


- Replacing.





Dima Gladky

Crazy for the course! Really valuable information, yaku can be fixed in practice. Everything is duly garnered in stages.

it feels like the teacher is really a professional


Tymur Solovyov

After taking the course "Recording and information" I definitely liked the course! Significantly helped to systematize all the knowledge, as well as threw a lot of new and interesting things that did not know and never heard before the course. Helped to build clear algorithms for working in the studio. And, both from the engineer, and from the musician.


Ilya Masyutka

Alex, a professional in his field. It will help to create an understanding of sound production for beginners and will give an impetus to those who have reached a certain level and want to develop their skill yet. Recommend!

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Цена курса 4000₴

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