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 The place created 

 by musicians for 


Louder Hub - is more than a recording studio and rehearsal space. This is the center of musical culture, blurring the boundaries between art and technologies

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Impeccable quality

in every detail

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Professional team and individual approach

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Louder Studio

We know from our own experience what musicians need. Therefore, this studio has everything - from perfect acoustics to caring service.

  Here you don't have to deal with discomfort or overload your head with unnecessary tasks. We know what to do. Be creative - we take care of the technical implementation of your ideas.

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Louder Base

This is not just a rehearsal room. 
This is a rehearsing space of a new level.  
We know precisely what a rehearsal base should be, so we created the perfect conditions for creativity here, using top-end equipment and maintaining a comfortable, inspiring atmosphere.

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Louder Education

We carefully select coaches to make the training as comfortable and effective as possible. ⠀ Whether it's vocals or drums, whether you're 5 or 85, from scratch or on a professional level, these music magicians will definitely help you leapfrog your own expectations !

 Our clients 

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 They talk about us 


One of the most wonderful places

in the music world

Yuli Zaporozhets - Vocalist of the group JULINOZA, Odessa

The best recording

studio in Ukraine

Katerina Kovalenko - Vocalist of the group Kei Kei Kju, Kyiv


This is what the musician’s real dream looks like!

Denis Melnikov - Music Producer, Kyiv

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